In my elementary years, my issues with retention and visualization lead to a disinterest in reading. I never pushed myself to read for pleasure and therefore I didn’t improve my comprehension skills. In my sophomore year of high school, I was incredibly frustrated and embarrassed with my elementary reading level. THAT is when I attended The Learning Convergence. I am proof that The Learning Convergence is not just for students in developmental years! Therese gave me tools to understand text and to retain what I read and she gave me CONFIDENCE to push through what I thought were fatal weaknesses. I am now a junior in college and thriving in my studies (and I even read for pleasure… Which NEVER happened pre-Therese!). The Learning Convergence was a portal to the world of novels and deeper learning. I am forever grateful.
College student
Thank you, Thank you! Deciding to taking our daughter to The Learning Convergence was one of the best decision we could have made for her. The tools she was given will undoubtedly help her to succeed and thrive. We are forever grateful to Ms.Therese for her love, patience, guidance and knowledge. The skillsets she taught gave my daughter the academic confidence she needed. I would recommend this program to anyone struggling in the specific areas that Ms. Therese specializes in.
Mother of a 4th grader
Thank you Therese!!! Therese worked wonders with our son and helped him tremendously with reading. We had tried many of the usual chain tutoring centers and after school programs, and although he would improve a little, it was never getting to the heart of the problem. Therese is very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining how her program would get to the real reason he was struggling. She was kind and patient with us… and our challenging schedule! Most importantly, our son loved her! He didn’t complain about going and he could even see his skills improving, which transferred over into school success! I highly recommend Therese to any parent whose child is struggling in school.
Father of a 5th grader
Don’t give up – College is an option! After many years of private tutors and reading programs (with no results) we found our answer with The Learning Convergence. Each of our three children has greatly benefited from the help they received. This was our last stop. We only wish it had been our first!
Teresa 🙂
Mother of 3 former TLC students
Thanks to The Learning Convergence there has been a notable transformation in my son’s reading, decoding, and comprehension skills. This program has been beneficial in several ways. My son’s self confidence has been bolstered, his participation in class has increased, and his love of reading has begun. I would highly recommend this program to any parent whose child is having difficulty in reading development.
Mother of a 3rd grader
How do we thank a teacher who has worked with the kind of dedication and caring that you have shown while you worked with Matthew? We’ll always be thankful for what you’ve helped Matthew accomplish in reading.
Mother of a 6th grader
We wanted to let you know that Mark received an “O” (outstanding) on his report card in reading. He went from a “G” (good) to VG (very good) to “O”over the last two marking periods. He also received an Honor Award for Best Speller in his class. Most of all he is feeling so comfortable with reading. Thank you for all you did for Mark…we can’t thank you enough!
Mother of a 2nd grader
Through the years I have had the pleasure of personally hearing the success stories and rave reviews about the program at The Learning Convergence from excited students and grateful parents. These glowing testimonials that I have received from satisfied students allows me to recommend The Learning Convergence to my clients, over and over, without reservation.
Certified Vision Therapist