Teacher Inservice

Interested in providing your staff with some tools for recognizing hidden reading issues? Perhaps you’d like a speaker for your Parent-Teacher group? We provide two tiers of teacher inservice, easily customized to your school’s needs.

Tier One: Introductory Overview

In this 20 minute presentation, we will provide a brief overview of our services and the learning issues we address. Included will be some “symptoms” that will provide teachers with the tools to identify possible reading issues.

Tier One: In-depth Information

In this 60 minute presentation, we will provide an overview of our services and the specific learning issues we address at TLC. In addition, we will train teachers on the specific symptoms of a hidden reading issue, as well as provide some classroom strategies for assisting those students in the classroom. Resources for other avenues of assistance will also be addressed.

Please contact our office to discuss your inservice needs and to schedule a presentation.