Q: I think my child needs help….where do I begin?

A: We recommend you start with a screening and consultation. During this time we evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The screening will determine whether the services we provide at The Learning Convergence will meet your child’s needs or whether a referral to another professional is advised.

Q: Will my child get individual attention?

A: Yes! All services are personalized and provided in a one-on-one lesson. Our programs are “student-driven”, meaning that your child’s program progresses according to the speed at which your child is able to move through the processes. If a certain area is easier, we move through it more quickly, and if more difficult, we spend more time addressing that topic.

Q: Is there homework?

A: No.

Q: Can you help my child with their homework?

A: We are dedicated to helping your child build the learning processes necessary to be successful in school. We make it our primary focus in each lesson to work on the therapeutic activities that stimulate the brain into processing information in a new way that enables them to tackle reading or math with success. Therefore, we do not assist with homework as it would take away from the therapy work. However, we offer a bridging program to students who have finished a reading or math program to assist them in applying their new skills directly to their school work.